Malton London Academy is dedicated to redefining excellence in scholarly publishing, serving as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in academia. As an esteemed academic publisher, our mission extends beyond journals; we are also fervently engaged in transformative academic book projects. Our commitment to intellectual growth and the dissemination of groundbreaking research drives us forward, as we aspire to become a renowned name in the scholarly world. Our journals represent a fraction of our vibrant offerings, showcasing our unwavering dedication to the pursuit of knowledge. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery, innovation, and intellectual enlightenment, as we shape the future of academic publishing.

1 - Sosyal Mucit Academic Review

It is an international journal that aims at publishing theoretically informed and original research on sociology of economy, work and organization. SMAR publishes high-quality articles of significant intellectual interest to managers, consultants, academics, students and individuals who are interested in sociology of economy, work and organization. The language of the journal is Turkish and English. Articles in Turkish include an extended English abstract. Thus, the journal will reach international readers. (Link:

2- Economics, Business and Organization Research

EBOR is a peer review international journal that aims at publishing conceptual, theoretical and research articles on business, economics and organization sciences that includes public finance, public administration, communication and other related fields. Link:

3- Sustainability, Organization, Business and Economic Research (SOBER) Proceedings Book Series

SOBER is a proceedings book series that aims to publish the full papers presented at international conferences. Published items are approved by the conference committee, and original research content is peer-reviewed. Link:

4- Digital Management Studies

Journal of DMS is a double-blind peer review international refereed journal. This journal aims at publishing conceptual, theoretical and qualitative studies related to society, economics, politics, education and institutions. The main reason for this aim stems from publishing studies that are understood by not only academicians, graduate and PhD students, but also individuals and practitioners in society. In addition, quantitative studies within the scope of the journal have been accepted. The language of this journal is English. The journal is going to publish scholarly works soon. Link: